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Special Corporate Programs

We offer two types of corporate programes:


Revitalize your team's spirit with a single, invigorating Corporate Yoga session. We will bring a refreshing blend of mindfulness and movement to your office, enhancing productivity and fostering a positive atmosphere. Embrace wellness in just one visit!


Choose from our flexible options to suit your needs:

  1. In-Studio or On-Site: Small group sessions can be held at our studio or conducted at your office for convenience.

  2. Posture Improvement & Workplace Tips: Our expert sessions provide valuable tips to enhance postures and address issues arising from long hours of work.

  3. Targeted Relief: For those seeking quick relief from body discomfort caused by office life, our office visits cater to basic problems like backache, neck pain, and general body posture tips.

  4. Tailored Pricing: Pricing varies based on the number of employees and the distance traveled for on-site visits.

Experience the best wellness solutions for your corporate team. Join us for a transformative session designed to enhance physical well-being and productivity. Contact us to schedule your personalized session today!

De-stress & Energize

Designed for corporations near Yoga Mudgal, our program offers two parts for employees to start and end their workday feeling their best.

Morning Session: Energizing and Focused

Begin the day with an invigorating session that combines basic asanas and pranayama. Employees will feel energetic and focused, setting a positive tone for optimal performance throughout the day.

Evening Session: De-stress and Find Calm

After a long workday, our evening session offers relaxation and stress relief. Through pranayama, basic asanas, and meditative techniques, employees will experience a sense of calmness, leaving behind the day's tiredness and stress.

Join our Corporate Program at Yoga Mudgal to enhance employee well-being and productivity. Energize and Relax for a fulfilling work experience.

Our Certifications

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