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Discover the power of meditation through our special sessions, thoughtfully organized on auspicious days like full moon, amavasya, and other celestial events. These unique gatherings offer a transformative experience with different meditation techniques and rejuvenating chanting exercises, maximizing their positive effects on your well-being.

Join a group of like-minded individuals as we come together to explore the depths of meditation. The flexibility of our schedule allows us to align with the cosmic rhythm, making it an ideal way to unwind on weekends or special dates.


  • Special sessions on auspicious days.

  • Various meditation techniques and chanting exercises.

  • Group activity with flexible dates.

  • Limited slots for personalized attention.

  • Entry fee allows anyone to participate.

Coming Soon: Special 200-Hour Yoga Teachers Training

Get ready for an exciting journey towards becoming a certified yoga teacher with our upcoming 200-hour certification program, endorsed by Yoga Alliance International. Immerse yourself in the ancient wisdom of yoga and embark on a path of self-discovery and growth.

Stay tuned for more information on this life-changing opportunity!

Join us for an enriching and blissful experience in meditation, and get ready to unlock the inner peace and harmony within. Let's embrace the transformative power of meditation together!


Our Certifications

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