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Participant Agreement and Liability Waiver

Welcome to Yogamudgal's 
Yoga Classes and Astrology Sessions! We are excited to have you join us on this transformative journey.
Before you proceed, please carefully read and acknowledge the following terms and conditions:

  1. Health and Physical Risks: I understand that yoga practice involves physical activity, which may carry some inherent risks. By participating in Yogamudgal's classes, I acknowledge and accept these risks. It is my responsibility to consult a qualified medical professional if I have any pre-existing health conditions or concerns that might be affected by yoga practice.

  2. Personal Responsibility: I take full responsibility for my well-being during Yogamudgal's classes and sessions. I agree to listen to my body and practice within my limits, ensuring that I don't push myself beyond what feels safe and comfortable.

  3. Injury Disclaimer: In the event that I sustain any injuries during the course of these classes, I understand that Yogamudgal and its instructors shall not be held liable for any damages or claims arising from such injuries.

  4. Astrology Sessions: If I choose to participate in astrology sessions offered by Yogamudgal, I agree to provide my birth details accurately. I understand that astrology is not a science and any insights provided during these sessions are for entertainment purposes only.

Acceptance of Terms: By proceeding with the classes and sessions, I acknowledge that I have carefully read and understood the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement. I agree to abide by these terms throughout my engagement with Yoga Mudgal's services.

By checking this, I confirm my understanding and acceptance of the above terms:

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