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About Us

Hi! I am Akash Mudgil, a dedicated Yoga Teacher and a seasoned Vedic Astrologer.


Since my early years, I have passionately immersed myself in the profound realms of these Vedic arts, which have inspired me to pursue extensive education in both disciplines. 


Throughout my journey, I have diligently honed my skills through imparting knowledge to countless students, drawing from my own personal studies. With a diverse range of learners hailing from various corners of the globe, I have witnessed the transformative power of this fusion of Yoga and Astrology.

Now, I extend a heartfelt invitation to you, inviting you to embark on a transformative journey alongside me. Together, we will explore the boundless possibilities that arise when these ancient arts intertwine, empowering you to unlock a life of enhanced well-being and vitality.


Our Classes



INR 3000 2500



INR 5000



INR 2000/Session

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Experience of Yoga


Balance Body & Mind

Find serenity and achieve holistic wellness through the practice of yoga.

Increases your blood flow

Improve blood circulation, promote oxygenation, and rejuvenate your body.

Healthy Daily Life

Cultivate a healthy lifestyle through mindful movement. 

Betters your bone health

Enhance bone density, promote strength, and improve overall

Improves your flexibility

Enhance your flexibility and expand your range of motion.

Builds muscle strength

Unlock your body's potential and improve overall strength.

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What our clients say

Deepti Negi

“I'm grateful for the expertise and support provided by the teacher at Yoga Mudgal, it really helped me in managing and gaining balance in my life as an individual."

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